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The Heiress of Gaia Signed Paperback (Book 1)


The Heiress of Gaia Signed Paperback

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-Middle Grade Paranormal Fantasy-

Tales of a witch, a curse, and an assassination travel between the warring kingdoms of Gaia and Klymora… But only one person has discovered the truth about all three.

Ayne Edelweiss is the heiress of Gaia, with her mind constantly focused on betrothals, etiquette, and living up to her mother’s expectations, she has little time to consider trivial things such as friends and adventure.

That is until she’s whisked away to the enemy’s palace…where she meets Talin, a desolate prince hiding behind a mask of smiles. Talin acts as a shield between his mother’s angry threats and stubborn-headed Ayne, determined to protect her no matter the cost.

But the cost might just be an alliance of marriage… An appalling idea to one, and a bashfully appealing idea to the other.

With lies, magic, and murder causing mayhem in Ayne’s life…who can she really trust?

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