Daphne Paige has always loved writing; watching and learning from her mother, who’s also a writer. With the majority of her time spent writing, the breaks between stories makes her remember she has an actual life away from her characters. During those breaks, she loves to play video games, hangout with her various pets, and watch classic black and white films with her family. Daphne lives in Oregon helping her family with their popcorn business.

Daphne Paige titles include: The Heiress of Gaia, The Empire’s Witch, Jess and Return of Eve.

Jackie Marie grew up in the Columbia River Gorge, where she now lives with her husband and their two teenage daughters. After obtaining a degree in business she started up her family popcorn company in 2015. She’s always loved reading and writing (a passion she shares with her younger daughter Daphne Paige, who is also an author). If she’s not making delicious kettle corn, reading or writing, then she’s being creative with various sewing projects.

Jackie Marie currently has the first book in her young readers’ adventure series, Greentale Mysteries, out now.