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The Empire’s Witch Signed Paperback (Book 2)


The Empire’s Witch Signed Paperback (Book 2)

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-Middle Grade Paranormal Fantasy-

Threats of war, uprisings, and unexpected partnerships turn Maya’s life upside down.

Maya Lee is the only known witch in Zhongguo, until her apprentice, Ayne Edelweiss, arrives at her doorstep with two companions. A blue-eyed courtier who reminds her too much of her lost love. And a little girl with a dreadful past.

In response to the emperor’s outrageous demands, Maya and Ayne, with her newfound strength, take the protest to his palace gates in the form of shadows. But their carefully crafted camouflage is quickly destroyed when the emperor gives Maya a choice…

Either stand alongside him, or Ayne will never return home…

In a land full of fire, betrayal, and reflection, which will she choose?

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